“I enjoy learning Spanish at S.L.C.  In class I get to practice conversation along with grammar and useful expressions. And I like how the textbook provides plenty of reviews.”

Junko Hoshide

Speech Language Pathologist


“I have been studying at Spanish Language Center for a little over a year. The methods are fun, creative and effective. The instructors (I’ve worked with Luz, Ruth and Marco) are engaging, experienced and professional. I take private lesson every week. They are very reasonably priced, flexible to fit my schedule and take place in a relaxed comfortable environment. I am thrilled with my progress.”

George Kilcrase


“Spanish Language Center is a great place to learn Spanish.  The teachers are patient, friendly and easy to understand.  The lessons are always fun and I look forward to my classes each week.  I have taken classes at Berlitz, and Language World.  Spanish Language Center is head and shoulders above both of those two schools especially when you consider cost and the ease of learning a new language.”

“The owner of this school is Luz Hutchins and she truly cares about her students.  I couldn’t imagine any school being more student friendly than Spanish Language Center.  Llámales muy pronto!!”

Mark Lindsay



“The Spanish Language Center is not just a school for beginners, or immediate or advanced learners of Spanish as a second language.  SLC is the educational facility for the professional, be it doctor or lawyer, or police.  As a lawyer, SLC honed my vocabulary in Mexican judicial terminology, affording me the level of expertise so that I am now an instructor in Mexico.   I am currently teaching trial skills in Mexico to lawyers and judges, who wish qualify for certification under the Mexican constitutional reform, to be able to conduct oral trials under their new system.  This level of speaking requires a higher caliber of vocabulary and impeccable grammar.  All the teachers at SLC have the qualifications, and abilities to impart that training.  I am grateful to SLC for all their knowledge and dedication.”

R. L.Brown



“I have passed my Spanish competency requirement for my Master of International Business degree at USD!  This success is due to you patience, encouragement and excellence language courses.”

Amy Archer Beasley

“It is really surprising that one can learn so much in a short time.”

Gé Schavomakov


Stuyvesant Dredging Company



“After almost 60 hours of Spanish at Spanish language Center, I am able to make myself understood in Spanish.”

Frank G. Kruiff

Business Development Analyst.


“I have learned much Spanish in an interesting and enjoyable way. I thoroughly recommend the Spanish language Center.”

Clare Maudsley