Ruth Fastagt

Ruth Fastag is a native Spanish speaker. She was born in Mexico City attended school in Mexico and studied education in San Diego, California. She has had experience teaching children and adults for more than twenty five years. Ruths has always been passionate about teaching, and has been an advocate for children since the beginning of her career. She understands the importance that Spanish has in our culture, and how the knowledge of it helps to open doors for her students. Our students love her.

Luz Hutchins

Luz Hutchins established Spanish Language Center as a continuation of her life long career which began in Mexico as an elementary school teacher. Her dream as a little girl was always to be a teacher. She became an elementary school teacher at an early age and worked at her home town as a 6th grade teacher. After getting married she started working in San Diego as a Spanish Instructor. On 1986 Luz Hutchins with all her experience in the field developed a unique Interactive/visual method of teaching which enables the students to be successful in their goals. She is also the author of the Structure and Conversational books that are used at the school. SLC is considered according to our students the best and the most beautiful place to study the Spanish Language in San Diego.

Marco Diaz

Marco Díaz was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He’s a native Spanish speaker. Marco attended school in Guatemala City, and later obtained his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Marco started his teaching career as a Spanish instructor in the city of Chicago, Illinois. He has three solid years of experience teaching non-native speakers. Marco has developed a strong interest in the field of Linguistics and Literature ever since. He strongly believes in languages as bridges to cultural and professional aspects of life. Marco enjoys meeting and instructing students as a multicultural and multinational experience.